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We base our rates on the costs of treating and delivering water to our customers.  Rates for service may vary based on your area, and if metered, the size of the water meter (basic service charge) and usage. In Connecticut and New Hampshire, the basic service is rendered per-diem so will change depending on the amount of days in the bill period.

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Connecticut Water Rates

Schedule of Approved Rates (issued and effective April 1, 2020)

Towns by Division


Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment

Replacing aging infrastructure has always been a part of our capital project work. Beginning in April 2009, Aquarion Water Company customers began to see a new line on their water bills: a small surcharge in accordance with the WICA.

Learn how WICA enables us to maintain our commitment to providing clean, healthy water to our customers:

What is WICA? The Connecticut Legislature approved the surcharge bill called WICA (Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment) in 2007 to cover the replacement of water distribution system pipes and related infrastructure that have either reached the end of their useful life or are negatively affecting water quality or service reliability. WICA helps to facilitate more timely replacements of aging infrastructure, such as old or problematic water mains, valves that manage the flow of water through the mains, Aquarion-owned fire hydrants, meters and leak-detection equipment.

What are the benefits of WICA? The benefits of WICA to our customers are two-fold. First, you will see timelier, smaller increases to your water bill than you have experienced in the past. Second, you will benefit from enhanced quality and reliability. Improving our infrastructure enables us to improve our service and delivery.

How much is the surcharge? The current WICA surcharge is 8.94% effective April 1, 2020 and applies to all customers. The WICA surcharge percentages apply to the total current service and usage charge on your water bill and included in the total amount due. The WICA surcharge may change during the year depending on infrastructure improvements and approval by PURA. The legislation limits the surcharge increase to 5% in any given year and 10.0% overall between full rate cases. For increases beyond these amounts, water companies must submit full applications for a formal rate case.

Our Commitment to You. Aquarion Water Company appreciates the important responsibility placed upon us to provide our customers with an ample supply of clean, healthy water that meets or exceeds quality standards required by state and federal public health agencies. WICA helps sustain our commitment to providing high-quality water with outstanding service.

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Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Safe Drinking Water Fee

As a result of Public Act 17-2, passed by the Connecticut legislature in 2017, a new charge is listed on your monthly bill: the Connecticut Department of Public Health Safe Drinking Water Fee.

This fee is charged by DPH to water companies that own Community Water Systems, such as Aquarion. This fee will help maintain the DPH Safe Drinking Water Program, as well as DPH obligations under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The assessed fee from DPH to each water company is based on the number of customers served by the Community Water System.

Effective January 1, 2020, Aquarion customers will be billed a DPH Safe Drinking Water Fee every month. The current charge for Aquarion customers is $1.83 per service connection.

Learn more about the Connecticut Department of Public Health Safe Drinking Water Fee.

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