It's Time to Conserve

With high water demands and below average rainfall, please reduce nonessential water use.

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When Does the Shut-off Moratorium End?

Get the latest about the suspension of water service disconnections due to COVID-19 for your state.

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Serving You Reliably During COVID-19

At Aquarion, we’ve been closely monitoring COVID-19 and working to proactively address the concerns of our employees and customers.

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Return to Service Flushing Guidelines

Schools and business owners who have closed their buildings during the pandemic should flush building water systems prior to returning to normal use of their tap water.

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As abundant as the clean water flowing from your tap may seem to be, it’s a finite resource, and one too precious for anyone to waste. Over time, society’s need for water will only grow as our finite supplies are called upon to serve as many people as possible.

Of course, wasting water also means wasting money. And when you conserve water, can also:

  • Reduce your water bills
  • Cut your hot-water heating expenses
  • Control municipal sewer system costs, or extend the life of your septic system
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Drought Triggers

Environmental Stewardship

Aquarion recognizes its role as a steward of one of the planet’s most vital resources. Both environmentally and economically, clean and abundant water is key to the growth and vitality of our society.

Aquarion believes in taking a proactive approach toward conserving and enhancing natural resources.  This approach aligns with our values and is fundamental to achieving our Mission. 

We recognize that environmental protection and the efficient use of resources are vital for sustaining our success because they enable us to continue providing valuable services to our customers and communities.

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In the Community

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Water Watch - Connecticut

In the latest issue of Water Watch we highlight our helpful services, conservation reminders, COVID-19 safety, and more.

July/August Water Watch

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