Water Conservation

Easy ways to conserve

As abundant as the clean water flowing from your tap may seem to be, it’s a finite resource, and one too precious for anyone to waste. Over time, society’s need for water will only grow as our finite supplies are called upon to serve as many people as possible. That’s why Aquarion wants to help you and all of our customers avoid waste and conserve this invaluable resource.

Of course, wasting water also means wasting money. And when you conserve water, you can also:

  • Reduce your water bills
  • Cut your hot-water heating expenses
  • Control municipal sewer system costs, or extend the life of your septic system

Explore this section for easy steps you can take that will help you conserve water while also stopping those leaks in your household budget.

water pitcher with etching,

CCF to Gallon Converter

Aquarion measures water consumption in CCFs (one hundred cubic feet). One CCF is equivalent to 748 gallons of water.

To convert the number of CCFs used during a billing period to gallons, simply enter your CCF consumption from your water bill in the field below.

CCF's X 748 =
0 Gallons
Irrigation Schedule

Homes with automatic sprinkler irrigation systems often use large volumes of water—about 40% more than homes without the systems.

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Interactive Water Calculator

Input data to learn how much water you use and how you can conserve water in your home.

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Renting or Leasing Property
Commercial Water Audit Form

For many operation managers, conducting a comprehensive water use analysis and then developing a water conservation plan is a daunting task.

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Aquarion believes in taking a proactive approach toward conserving and enhancing natural resources.

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